Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blogging is the epitome of everything else in my life right now... I do well for a little while and then I lose interest and forget about it. That's pretty much how I feel about cleaning my house, potty training tayler, taking away a binky, getting in shape etc... I really just need to get some motivation!

Parker is already five and a half weeks old! I can't believe how quickly time flies. He is getting cuter by the minute and chubbier too! He is such a good natured little man and just lets me know when he's hungry or too tired to calm down himself. He is so easy! He sleeps well at night, for three or four hours straight until he gets hungry again. He is such a strong little guy already! He has turned from his tummy to his back several times because he HATES being on his stomach! Tayler did the same thing about this age.

I don't know if I had more patience before Parker was born but it seems like Tayler is constantly into things she's not supposed to. In the last 24 hours she pushed Parker over on the counter top while he was in his bouncer resulting in a small goose egg on his head, she placed a new roll of toilet paper in the potty, pulled half of it from the toilet soaking wet and came and "washed" the kitchen table. She has stolen Parkers binkies numerous time, took a large bite of a green tomatoe from my garden, pulled out a bean plant, pooped on the floor (after taking her undies off!), drawn "owies" all over her feet with a red marker and put mascara all over her face. Most of things are done while I am nursing Parker as she knows she has 10 minutes to get away with what she can. So far Tayler's potty training has not faired well. She just peed on the floor again... I have been asking Tayler to go get another pair of underwear for the past half hour while I have been on the computer, so far she's come down with flash cards, reindeer ears, her tea set, some socks and two dolls... she just now brought down my "bop it" game. Wonder how many more trips she'll make upstairs before it actually merits getting potty pants!

We've had a fun few weeks, been up to Idaho several times, the last being for Parkers baby blessing. It was fun to have most of the family there and a few friends were able to join us. Loren gave Parker a beautiful blessing. I'm amazed at how eloquent Loren can be. Funny how he can make that switch from being a farm boy from Bancroft. Must get it from his mother... she too can amaze me with how she writes! We dropped by Logan on the way up to Idaho to look at the floor plan of the home we are planning to build. Our friend Logan Schenk built the same home there that we are planning to, so he let us walk through his house to see what we want. I really like the floor plan and we excited to get goin on it!

So it's official, it's off to Bancroft ID come early spring of 2009. We are in the process of selling the house and it looks like we have ourselves a buyer (cross your fingers, the market in Utah is HORRIBLE right now and most people are having a terrible time trying to sell right now). We've got a couple that are going to be coming for the THIRD time to look at the house again tonight. I don't know what else they want to look at, but I wish they would hurry! We need to sell the house before we can get financing to build our house in Bancroft. If it sold right now, we might be able to move into our house by the time he quits with Eli Lilly in the spring. Otherwise it will be a total of 3 moves within a few months... not my idea of fun.

A FEW HOURS LATER.... Tayler finally went pee pee in the potty BY HERSELF!!! We told her once she did it, she could have her new Elmo potty pants and a sucker (that she picked out in Wal-Mart this morning). I was so excited for her! She has been so close to potty training, but I have been lazy about it, so it had been at least a month since she had gone in the toilet! Yay for her!


linzy said...

You must have been blogging when Ali and I were talking about coming to visit you! We want to come next Monday! Will that work?? Let us know!! :)

Jennie said...

Isn't it amazing the things they try to get away with while you are nursing? Bentli is always trying to get my attention, by what ever means possible! Good luck with the potty training, it was so hard for me to keep my patience, but it is so worth it. Good luck with selling your home, send me your phone number, we need to chat!

jaredandangela said...

What cute pictures! We are really excited to see that cute baby boy of yours. It looks as though this is the year of the boy! I just wish that it was going to be sooner than Christmas. Love you guys.