Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Till we meet again...

To one of the greatest men I've ever met, thank you... for the role you played in my life.

Grandpa Bitton left us at 1 a.m. this morning, I hate goodbyes. As I sat at his bedside yesterday, holding his hand, swabbing his tongue, and praying for his release as he struggled for each breathe, tears were flowing as I told him over and over how much I loved him... Grateful for his release from a decrepit old body, mourning over the loss of a friend. Love you Grandpa... God be with you (and me) till we meet again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My little nutshell

A quick update on me and what makes me tick lately…

-I've become obsessed with politics lately and how I can help get Mitt Romney elected in 2012. No, not just because he's Mormon. Mostly because thinking of Obama in there for another 4 years makes me want to vomit.

- I'm in young womens and teach every other week. I actually REALLY like this class of beehives J.

- I'm almost 32 weeks prego now and have gained 18 lbs so far :/.

-I made myself give up facebook (had my spouse change my password).

-Just got back from watching NG girls basketball at State. Their team went 23-0 before losing in the second round of state and ended up third!

- Purchased a J-shaped pillow and it has been my favorite purchase in the past 5 years. HIGHLY recommended for all you expecting mothers!

- Traded in the van for an Expedition EL. We love it.

- Parker won't fall asleep by himself anymore :/ Someone has to lay there till he drops off. Any suggestions to fix this? He will continue to come upstairs till 10:30 pm if we don't do it.

- Lately I've decided that the decision to have more children in the future will depend on the growing laundry pile. I abhor that task.

- Doing another wedding in 2 weeks. I'm grateful for all the experience. Photography is such a FUN hobby. So grateful 2 years ago I asked my fellow bloggers what I should do with that track Money (Mostly thank you to Brittany Terry if you read my blog J.)






Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tayler the Comedian

Here are a few funnies from this year that I recorded in my journal:

Tayler was around Grace a few weeks ago and her parents tell Grace occassionally to, “Not freak out.” Tayler has since adopted the phrase and doesn’t exactly know when to use it but quite often will tell me to “Quit freaking out Mom.” I thought I had ten years until teens hit my house!

Apparently I am the wicked Step-mother from Cinderella. The other day after finding Tayler in a pool of water in the bathroom, I gave her a towel and told her to clean it up. Upon checking on her, I found her singing, “Sing sweet Nightingale,” just like Cinderella does when she is forced to clean the floors. It was all I could do to not bust up and ruin the sweetness of the moment.

The other night, Tayler woke up about midnight and ran to the bathroom. I could tell she was slightly out of it. She told me she needed to go potty, so I told her to go ahead. I walked into the bathroom right as she sat down with her underwear still at her waist and started to go potty. At least this time I only had to change panties instead of pj’s, and sheets too!

This morning at breakfast, I pulled the table back closer to us as Tayler had just pushed it back a little bit. She replied, “No, Mom! It’s smashing my boobs!” Um, apparently I need to watch my language a little more :/.

On the way to take Daddy lunch today I got a stalk of wheat for Tayler to show her what Daddy cuts on the Combine… She took one of the kernels and promptly saind “Mmmm… I love weed.”

The other day at Winco, as we passed an older gentleman, She promptly told him “I have a grandpa great, and he’s old just like you!!”

Tayler- “Mom, who is coming over?”
Me- “no one.”
Tayler- “Why are we cleaning up then?”
…Like the only time I clean is when someone is coming over?

When Tayler was first learning "Scripture Power," this is how it went,
“SUPERMAN, Keeps us safe from sin!!”

Tayler: "Mommy... do you LIKE putting me in time out?"
Me: "No."
Tayler: "Then quit doing it so much!"

I love this kid...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

It seems like the farther behind I get with my blog, the more I don't want to update because of EVERYTHING that I would have to write, so since I kind of had to update my life in my Christmas letter, I figured I would post it here for anyone interested in the highlights of 2010 for us if I didn't get one in the mail for you.

Greetings Friends and Family! Dec. 2010
What an incredible and crazy year it has been!! It seems time picks up speed with every year and we are watching our babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers much too quickly. We are trying to absorb every ounce of happiness that comes with being parents to these little souls and know that they are truly Gods greatest gift to us!
With that said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we are again expecting, baby #4 is on its way. The small fact that every Christmas letter in the past four years has either announced the arrival of a new baby, or a new one on the way, should ease the shock :). I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and am due around the middle of April. Although people look at us like we are COMPLETELY crazy sometimes, we are thrilled :). I love being a young mom, to be able to wrestle and snuggle them and have the energy to enjoy these little moments.
Tayler now four, is my budding reader. We have gone through REAMS of paper due to this little ladies avid desire to read and write. I throw away at least 15 pieces of paper covered in letters, names, and any word she can figure out how to write on a daily basis. I’m grateful for the local pre-school and the wonderful job they do over there, she loves her teachers (Grandma Yost being one of them!) She is also in dance again this year and loves any opportunity to twirl and show off her new moves. Tayler is a wonderful older sister to Parker and Callie, but boy is she like her Mother was, and DEFITNITELY knows how to get under her brothers skin!
Parker Christian is two and ALL boy!! Our front room is usually a parking garage for all of his trucks, cars and tractors. He loves them, and is VERY protective of them, Daddy is usually the only one that is allowed to get down and play with him. He is starting to say new words all the time, usually associated with some kind of wheels (dump truck being the newest). Parker loves his nursery leaders and loves to sit on their laps while they read to him. His other love… food. He doesn’t care where he finds it, the cupboards, garbage or even the floor. The little stinker knows all of my hiding spots for treats and on many occasions I have found him hiding behind a door with ding dong or cupcake remains on his face, usually accompanied by a great big smile.
Callie Anne, could there be a happier child? She is the sweetest and gentlest baby I’ve ever met in my life. She turned one the end of October and has refused to crawl (although she can), substituting it for scooting around on her bottom every where she wants to go. It is the funniest sight, but I love it! She says Mom, Dad, owe, and kitty right now. She really has brought such peace and happiness into our home. How we love that little lady!
I am just finishing a workout routine called p90x. Exercise is such a need for me, I’m such a happier wife and mother when I get it done consistently. Hopefully it will help keep any “extra” weight off too . My photography business has been such a fun hobby to have, keeping me just busy enough to fill up any extra time after kids go to bed. I have also continued to help local track teams during the season although I gave up the head position at MV when we had Callie. I love my life here in this little town, there truly isn’t a better place to raise a family.
Loren belongs here. It wouldn’t feel right to put him any place but on a tractor or combine. Every man should love his job the way he does. Although we don’t get to see him but a few minutes a day about 6 months of the year, his schedule is quite flexible the rest of the time and it is wonderful that he gets to work with his Dad. Loren occasionally gets to pick up a book, or plays on a city league basketball team, but farm work is a lifestyle, and everything you do pretty much revolves around it! We will be heading on a cruise to Acapulco, Mexico for a week around the first of December, I’m antsy for some real time to be with him again!
We hope that this update finds you well. I look forward every year to the spirit that accompanies the holiday season. May our homes ever be centered around Christ, the giver of all that is good on this earth. God bless you and your families in 2011!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Greatest Fear

I have never cried so much... the past two days I've been making up a Will and writing my kids letters in the event that Loren and I are both killed in an accident of some kind. I'm sorry if this is so doomsdayish, but I don't want to be the one who thought it could never happen to me. The fact that Loren and I will be leaving on a cruise in a month without our kids for eight days... really has me freaked out, can you tell?

My heart has just been aching at the prospect. I don't want my kids to not remember me, to forget me, to not remember how dearly I love them. My greatest fear is not getting to raise these little souls and get to see all their firsts. These little ones are EVERYTHING to me and I want to be a part of every moment of their lives.

I hope Heavenly Fathers plan for me is the same one I want for myself. What a privilege and a blessing to get to be a Mommy to these incredible little people. I truly have got to cherish every little moment I get to be with them and am so grateful for the blessing it is to be their Mommy.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oh Parker...

My worst fears have been realized. Parker is going to be just as bad or worse than Tayler was at this age. Here is the day we had yesterday.

-First he pulled down a box of baking soda out of the cupboard and dumped in on the floor.
- He got into a little planter thing we have in one of our bathrooms… totally destroyed it and spread that green plant stuff all over the house.
-Spilt a whole bag of sunflower seeds on the kitchen floor
-Spilt a whole bag of jelly beans on the floor.
-Tayler got out the corn syrup and put some in her hair as she had seen me put a bow in Callies hair with it and put it on the table… Parker climbed on the kitchen table and dumped it down the front of himself.
-I put him in the tub for the second time. He let all the water out and promptly went diarrhea in the tub.
-He tried to “feed” Callie Salad from our outside fridge while I ran to put shoes on Tayler before preschool sign ups.
-Went and “visited” the fourth grade for a few minutes while I was desperately trying to find him in the kindergarten room.
-Sprayed himself with cleaner while I was cleaning the bathroom.

Needless to say, I have tied up all the cupboards until I can get locks for them.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Losing My Mind...

Tonight I drove to Taco Time in McCammon to get some food for dinner, on my way I accidentally passed Taco Time, and got onto the FREEWAY out of habit. The next ramp was 15 miles away. The worst part... I was on the freeway for a few minutes before I had even REALIZED what I had done.

Then tonight while kneeling with Tayler for family prayer. I told her to close her arms and fold her eyes....

I think I'll need to be put in a psychiatric ward if I have any more kids!!