Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm pretty sure people quit checking my blog because I have been terrible at updating! There has been so much going on though that I had better before I feel to overwhelmed with information!

I am now 35 weeks and counting! Can't believe it! I think having a yard and garden to keep up with, and a 2 year old daughter that doesn't stop has really helped keeping me in better shape. I remember with Tayler I was feeling huge and really tired all the time at this point, so far I have felt great. I know this baby is going to be smaller than Tayler, but hey that's alright by me... as long as I heal faster! As excited as I am to have Parker, there is a sense of foreboding going on too. I can remember all too well the sleepless nights, the fear that the baby would die while I was asleep, and constant worry that I was doing things right. Hopefully it will go a little easier this time around.

Tayler went in for her 24 month visit today. She now has all of her teeth popped through and is measuring 37 and a half inches! (That is the average height of a 3 year old). It's so fun to see the changes she has made in the past few months. My favorite is when she busts out a song. She now know all the words to "I am a Child of God, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and The Clean Up Song." She know a lot of other songs too, just needs a little help sometimes. If she starts singing and I join in, I quickly hear about it... she starts yelling "No, no, no!!! MY turn!" She's already a little Diva it seems.

Loren went to New Orleans for a training this past month, he's not feeling so sure that Pharmaceutical sales is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. As great as I think it is, and am loving the benefits from it... he's not super happy in this kind of job atmosphere. We'll see what happens though... we kind of have to stick with it 6 or so more months, and then we'll see how he feels about it. I get sad at the prospect of leaving this place, a lot more so than even Logan. The people here in Santaquin have been wonderful and we already feel we've been here for years with all the friendships we've been able to make. This is the first place that has really felt like "home" to me since we've been married.

We had a wonderful trip to California two weeks ago. It was the 2nd Bitton Reunion and it was just so much fun to see all the family. We also got to see Mike and Lyle (Loren's uncles) and Landon and Lina (Lorens brother and his wife.) It was great to get to spend time with everyone. We camped out at Big Sur, which is right on the coast. I was worried about being uncomfortable and hating the nights and the driving days, but I really felt great the whole time. The heat was overwhelming though and I spent a lot of time at the nearby river cooling off!

All our birthdays were this month! We were all spoiled more than we deserved of course. Loren got us some warm sleeping bags that we didn't end up getting in time for the reunion (not that we ended up needing them!) and the I suprised him with a Ping Pong table on my birthday! Funny how the tube doesn't go on as much at night these days! Loren and I are pretty evenly matched and have fun duking it out. We also had a little birthday party for Tayler at a local pool with a few friends. Well we showed up at the pool at 4:30... and they closed it at 5 because a kid pooped in the pool. Oh well... I was tired anyway and we quickly ate some cake and got our money back. :)


linzy said...

Hey Carrie!

It was good to get an update!! Glad you are liking where you live, it is always a good thing!!! Take care!!

Jennie said...

Hey you! So, I just laughed the whole time I read your post, cuz it is exactly like us! Bentli is irrate when I try to sing a long with her! Tayler will be a great help with the new baby. Bentli sings songs and shakes rattles for Tate when I need two hands. But it is more work and you have to keep an eye on your baby to make sure they don't get loved to death! I didn't gain near as much weight with the second one either. I think the first one keeps you moving and keeps you from stuffing your face like I did the first time around! I am so glad to hear you are doing so great! Where exactly are you guys living?