Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So being sick really stinks... especially when your hubby isn't around to help out with the child, or to take care of you. You know what's better though? Grandmas! I had strep this last weekend and was pretty much incarcirated for two days by my bed. Many, many thanks to a great Grandma that took such good care of us! She brought me water... with a straw even. It made me wish that every time I get sick I could run home. I now know the reason I was sick so much more as a kid. Number one was 10:00 AM Price is Right (somehow my mom always took me back to school an hour after it was over cause I was magically feeling better?:). Number two was chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and three was a mom who doted on us 24-7. I blame moms for kids lying about stomach aches. I think I'll play the iron hand with my children... ok just kidding I really am just a big softie.

Loren went up to Casper Wyoming for a friends reception... we were sure glad to get him back. I think my Mom was too, giving her a little reprieve of the whiner(me) and the endless bag of positive energy(Tayler). We are getting SOOO anxious to be done with the semester. Loren and I only have one final and both are on Thursday. Yippee!!! Here comes Santa Claws, (he really has a way of clawing into our bank account and credit cards!) . Take care dear family and friends... have a wonderful holiday season! (Everyone please count that last line as our holiday card... thanks:)!

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Linzy said...

Oh Carrie! I am so sorry! Brackon was sick and now Dusty is, so I kind of know how you feel! ??!!