Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Our Dear little Dopey! I giggled so much when her hat pushed her ears like this! Isn't it hysterical?

Holy Moly what an eventful last month it has been. Christmas was wonderful, we got to enjoy both families and we both actually suprised eachother (for the first time ever) with the gifts we gave eachother. Loren got his dream car.... a toy remote control truck that goes over 35 mph, spins cookies and all sorts of neat tricks. It cost a pretty penny, but the look on his face and the fact that this is probably the first gift I have given him that he is stoke about made it all worth while. You know he likes it if he takes it out in sub zero weather at midnight. He has gone up into the mountains a few times but mostly around here. I am pretty sure our neighbors think he stole it from one of the neighbor kids:). I found him playing with his childhood farm toys a few weeks back. I thought it was so funny to go down and see my grown up husband acting like a little boy. It was cute. I do like that about him, most people lose that. Imagine me still playing with barbies? :)

Our darling little girl is becoming more mobile by the day. She scoots backwards and goes in circles but doesn't have the whole forward motion thing down. She gets up on all fours regularly and it is only a matter of time I guess. I have looked away at times and the I hear her calling, I have found her under the bed a few times, under her swing and in a fewother funny predicaments all calling for me to save her:). She has also sprouted two teeth! With those teeth she thinks that she is ready for everything mommy and daddy eat too! She cannot stand anything that has a spoon associated with it, so we have resorted to cooked carrots, noodles, breads, bananas, cereal and just about anything else we think she may try. She LOVES to chew.

Life is really tough on me this semester:) I have one on campus class, and it is basketball. The other two classes I am taking are both online. Track is a slow and steady process. I have been changing a lot of things this year in hopes that it will help me get better. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes... if I don't post, well know that it probably isn't going so well:). Take care!


Linzy said...

Carrie! That picture of Loren playing with the tractor with all the girl toys around looks like he wants a boy!! You two better get on the stick! Ha, ha! Tayler looks adorable! Just yesterday, he had a hat on and it did the same thing to his ears! I thought it was pretty funny as well! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

jeffbittonfam said...

Hey you! Finally we get an update! Thanks :) I can't believe Tayler!! Grace is stating to do the same things, scooting backwards etc...! Hope yoursemester goes well! ;) Love ya Carrie! Oh yeah, I wanted to thank you for sharing that spiritual experience with us. It filled me with the spirit, and increassed my knowledge too. Thanks again!! Hope to talk to you soon, maybe we can come a visit some time :)