Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hey family and friends! I need to be more consistent with this thing! Life is going great! We are anxious to be done with finals and enjoy some good quality time with our family. I recently joined an indoor soccer team with a lot of our ward, tonight was our first game and considering all, I thought we did well. We only lost 12-0. Ha ha! I knew this would be just for fun. We played a high school team (it's coed) and all of our teamates are + 30 aside of me. Plus on our team of 11, there has only been three that have ever really played soccer before. It was a kick and I was sucking air pretty bad as I am not in good long distance running shape! We had fun though. Indoor soccer is a lot different than outdoor that's for sure! The picture above was for an especially hard workout called the 50 second drill and I dressed up for the occasion. Track is going SO much better! We have our inner squad meet next Friday and I am looking forward to seeing where I am at.

Loren is continuing to be an awesome dad. I haven't touched the dishes in about 2 weeks and somehow they always get done. He is so good to me. He even made dinner for the missionaries yesterday as I was gone the majority of the day, what a guy. He has recently been talking to a few security systems companies as I think (although we LOVE Jared and San Diego) we are ready for a change and Loren's not wanting to recruit at all this year. It makes me quite nervous as neither of us have ever sold securities before, but hopefully all will turn out for the best. He is getting VERY antsy to get out of school and on with his life, and every day his future profession seems to change! In the picture above, Loren, his Dad and my little bro Richard went for a few rides up in the hills, They came back SUPER muddy from this one. I don't think Shauna was too happy with her new furniture in sight!

Ahhh Tayler Mae is still the love of our lives. She is the most joyful thing in the world to have around. Biggest news of the month? SHE FINALLY TOOK A BOTTLE!!! Honestly I think the Lord had a hand in this, because last week she was still screaming at having that thing in her mouth and after weeks of prayers, this Tuesday she took it like a pro!!! I think she realized that she needs more than I am producing now. She also got quite sick with a condition called Rosalea over the Thanksgiving break. High fever, congestion, and then broke out in a horrible rash. I am attaching a picture that she looks terrible in, so sick with rice cereal all over her face. Poor kid, but she is feeling much better now.


Chapman Family said...

Taylor is SO freaking adorable!!! You guys sound like you are doing great. ISn't it wonderful when they start sleeping in solid blocks!! Heavely!!! See you guys soon!
Love, tiff

jeffbittonfam said...

Carrie I am so glad she took a bottle! Good luck with track! Hope to see you guys soon!!
Love ya, Kayci

P.S. What the heck do you guys want for Christmas!!???

Linzy said...

So cute and adorable! She looks gorgeous in those pictures! So fun!!