Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tayler the Comedian

Here are a few funnies from this year that I recorded in my journal:

Tayler was around Grace a few weeks ago and her parents tell Grace occassionally to, “Not freak out.” Tayler has since adopted the phrase and doesn’t exactly know when to use it but quite often will tell me to “Quit freaking out Mom.” I thought I had ten years until teens hit my house!

Apparently I am the wicked Step-mother from Cinderella. The other day after finding Tayler in a pool of water in the bathroom, I gave her a towel and told her to clean it up. Upon checking on her, I found her singing, “Sing sweet Nightingale,” just like Cinderella does when she is forced to clean the floors. It was all I could do to not bust up and ruin the sweetness of the moment.

The other night, Tayler woke up about midnight and ran to the bathroom. I could tell she was slightly out of it. She told me she needed to go potty, so I told her to go ahead. I walked into the bathroom right as she sat down with her underwear still at her waist and started to go potty. At least this time I only had to change panties instead of pj’s, and sheets too!

This morning at breakfast, I pulled the table back closer to us as Tayler had just pushed it back a little bit. She replied, “No, Mom! It’s smashing my boobs!” Um, apparently I need to watch my language a little more :/.

On the way to take Daddy lunch today I got a stalk of wheat for Tayler to show her what Daddy cuts on the Combine… She took one of the kernels and promptly saind “Mmmm… I love weed.”

The other day at Winco, as we passed an older gentleman, She promptly told him “I have a grandpa great, and he’s old just like you!!”

Tayler- “Mom, who is coming over?”
Me- “no one.”
Tayler- “Why are we cleaning up then?”
…Like the only time I clean is when someone is coming over?

When Tayler was first learning "Scripture Power," this is how it went,
“SUPERMAN, Keeps us safe from sin!!”

Tayler: "Mommy... do you LIKE putting me in time out?"
Me: "No."
Tayler: "Then quit doing it so much!"

I love this kid...


Erica Bazil said...

She's too smart for her own britches it sounds like to me - so adorable. I can certainly tell there's plenty of entertainment at your house with Tayler around (not to even mention that there are two more who I'm sure only add to the hilarity). Love the post & what a darling family picture!

kate n. said...

Love it!