Thursday, April 01, 2010

Little Luxuries

So here are few things I have loved about living in our new home:
-Cozy Fireplaces
-The color of the granite in our bathroom.
-My large COLD Storage!!
-The wall paintings in the play room, they are adorable!
-The master shower has four heads in it, I LOVE the one on the ceiling!
-The light switch right next to the bed that I can turn the lights off after reading at night and not have to get out of bed :).
-Dual ovens and my stove!

Thanks to Monte and Shauna for thinking of these ideas when renovating their home :) We really love it here!


Erica Bazil said...

How nice! I especially love the idea to have the light switch right next to your bed - love the food storage space too - it's all so nice. I bet you DO love it there!

Grant and Shelley Patterson said...

What a nice place! It makes me excited to eventually move and find our perfect house.

Selena Sorensen Guthrie said...

Ohh, How Nice!! I love all the Ideas!! -Love your Blog!!

Jennie said...

First, I can't believe how big Taylor is getting, she is so cute! Secondly, so jealous of your food storage space and kitchen. Your house seems really great!

kate n. said...

Thanks for the explanations cuz that second picture I thought was snow and I thought maybe you had sprinklers in your ceiling, ya know, for fire safety, but I understood the dual ovens-awesome!
I would love your house too.

Cliff said...

Loren and Carrie, what a wonderful surprise to find your blog. I've met Tayler of course, but hadn't heard about the newest team member, Parker. Congratulations. More later, but for now, best wishes and all our love from me and Tam.