Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tayler, Tayler, Tayler

I decided last night to write down all of the things that Tayler has done in the last 24 hours so that every mom that has a two year old, will give him/her a big wet kiss and tell them "thank you" for not being Tayler Mae Yost. This is what has transpired...

Tayler pulled the plug out of the baby bath that was sitting on our counter top while I was getting a diaper and clothes on Parker in his room. (We had just finished bathing him.) I heard water dripping and ran in to find about 3 gallons of water on my countertop and floor and a wet toddler splashing happily in it.

Last night I heard Tayler up about an hour after we had put her to bed. Loren went up to check on her and 10 seconds later I hear Loren yell, "Carrie can you come here, there is Poop all over Taylers bed room!" She had been PLAYING with her poop. It was smeared on her bed, her cinderella lamp, her dresser, her night stand, the floor and ALL over her. I have never been so disgusted in my life. Loren bathed Tayler, and I cleaned and lysoled the entire room.

This morning Tayler took the sugar bowl and dumped it all over the floor.

Yesterday she found a bag of Lorens pharmaceutical pens and took apart about 6 of them piece by piece.

She climbed on top of our computer hutch and got a marker out of the supposedly "out of reach" marker box and promptly colored parts of the desk and Parkers bouncer a pretty green color.

She climbed onto the counter and opened my "child proof" vitamin bottle and started chewing on one, thankfully she spit it out because she didn't like the taste too much.

She took a chair and climbed ON TOP of the stove and turned on the oven.

She put a bobby pin in an outlet (she got a firm swat for that, I was so freaked out she was going to electrocute herself).

She bit off the tops of three of her color wonder markers.

She played in toilet water once and then a few hours later got the the sponge I use to wash Parker with and dipped it in the potty and rung it out on the floor until all but maybe a cup of water was left in the potty and the rest was on the bathroom rug and floor.

She took a cookie off the pan and crumbled it all over the living room floor and the coffee table.

I can' t childproof the bathrooms because she now goes potty in them. I used to just lock the door so she couldn't get in! It seems like if she was in a room with nothing in it, she would find a way to get into trouble. Everyday she gets into something that she wasn't previously able to reach or get into. I'm at my wits end it seems, all of these things happen during a whopping 10 minutes that she alone during the entire day.

Loren keeps saying over and over, "She gets this from you Carrie." I know there is no way I could ever been this inquisitive. The problem is, she doesn't think she is doing anything bad! You can only put a child in time out so much for something they don't know is wrong and most of the time she doesn't remember that playing in the potty is yucky... it's just a big bowl of water to splash around in! EVERY time I leave her alone for a minute to feed parker, change his diaper, or leave her in a room watching cartoons or something, I come back to a disaster. Terrible Twos have taken on a totally different meaning than I ever thought. I'm sick of cleaning messes!

On the positive side... Tayler has been SO much sweeter to Parker lately, instead of hitting him and running away, she wants to give him kisses and hugs and hold him. She also says some of the cutest things like "good dinner honey!" when we are eating a meal or she offers to change Parkers diapers all the time!

She also is now completely potty trained during the day. We haven't had an accident in a couple of days! She is so excited to go potty all the time. Two days ago, she went to the potty by herself and forgot to put on the potty seat... you can guess what happened.... She FELL in. She was screaming "MOMMY HELP ME!!" I was dying from laughter! We have since taught her how to go pee pee without a potty chair so she wouldn't fall in again!

We also got rid of binky this last week! It hasn't been NEAR as bad as the last few times we tried! We just clipped the ends of two binkies and she doesn't like them anymore. The first couple days she went around sulking holding onto them. She kept saying, "Binky broken mommy, fix it!" She asks for Parkers bink sometimes but for the most part, she has done really well. We always know when she has stolen Parkers bink because she'll run and put her face into the couch or a bed to try and hide it from us!

I guess we just have a "curious George" on our hands, and she definitely adds some spice to my days!


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

YAY for Tayler! That is so exciting she is potty training so well, and no binki! That's great Carrie! It sure sounds like you have your hands full down there, I wish I could help in some way! We sure love you guys and can't wait to see you again!

linzy said...

Holy cow! My jaw just kept dropping further and further! The Lord only gives us trials we can handle! No wonder Brack doesn't get into things!

SHAY said...

You tryin to convince me to never have children?! maybe you need to ship her to boise to stay with her auntie shay!

Kristy said...

HI Carrie, this is Kristy Wistisen. We found your blog a few days ago, it is soooo CUTE. And I just laughed my head off about all the things Tayler did in a day. I'm sure you're not laughing, but that was pretty good. Good luck with it all...those days are coming for me I suppose! check out our blog if you want...www.happybabyrebecca.blogspot.com

GRaSSE said...

Carrie this post is killing me!!!! You MUST save this and make all her boyfriends read this. :) Hang in there!!!

Jennie said...

Just think of how someday... maybe... you will laugh! Or at least use this story to cause Tayler endless embaressment! Good Luck!!

kate nelson said...

So Ginger emails us all and says, "You gotta read Carrie's last post! HA! HA! HA!"
I think you need to send Tayler to Grandma's house (both of them) more often so you can sit down and just breathe for a minute!
What a crazy little girl. Maybe all her inquisitiveness will make her rich someday and she'll spoil you rotten in your old age.

Ammon & Ali said...

haha wow Carrie, you kind of have a monster on your hands, but she is so cute!! It was so good to see you the other day! We'll have to do it again soon, especially if Linz ends up moving!

landon said...

Wow! I'm impressed with what one cute little girl can wreak in so little time. Sounds like lots of work and patience. Funny post Carrie!

larenea said...

you are earning some serious Mommy Brownie points with her.
ahhhh, I have a 4 year old. life is good.
we have an extra leash from our dog that you can borrow until she turns 3.
but, she IS potty trained so you really can't complain. :)

oh, by the way, you were my inspiration to write 100 random things about myself. I was home from church one sunday with a sick kid and that was my sunday school lesson. very fun.

Chapman Family said...

I'm glad that someone else has a normal toddler too!! You rock Carrie!!!