Saturday, October 06, 2007

Holy Cute.
Is there really a more adorable toddler out there than this? I may be hard pressed to find one. I went all out on an adorable outfit for Taters, here is the end result. I'm pretty sure she hated the boots, but DANG they looked so cute!!!


tanya said...

Oh, I feel a little nostalgia for toddler girl's clothing coming on... Such a cute outfit! Although, the easiness of dressing a boy has been a good change :) Looks like you and your SIL's had a blast, you are all so beautiful! I heard Loren had an interview, hope it went well, let me know! Love you-

Anonymous said...

What a dolly! I've yet to see this sweetheart with anything but a charming little smile on her face. I agree- the boots top it off perfectly.
I'm glad you cute women had a great time in SLC! It's so fun to do crazy things that make you laugh until your jaws ache, also feeling the spirit to make you shed a tear
Call me and give me the scoop...
Mom Yost