Monday, July 16, 2007


Tayler is a hoot in the pool. Most weeks we go swimming 2 or 3 times, just lately Tayler goes to her drawer, finds her swimsuit and puts the straps around her head like she is putting it on! It is so funny. We have one brave little girl, I'll put her on the side of the pool and she'll walk off the edge with her arms outstretched towards me... such faith. We've dunked her under a few times to teach her how to hold her breath, I think she just swallows a lot of water and coughs though. She never cries though and is always so darn happy all the time! I love this kiddo!


jeffbittonfam said...

Cute pictures! We love to see pics of you guys! Grace always asks "who is that?" when she see pictures of people she doesn't know, so it is fun to show her up to date pictures of Tayler. We are looking forward to seeing you guys this fall, I'm sure you are counting the days until you get home! :) You guys will have to come up and see us one weekend. You guys look like you have fully enjoyed your summer down there! Have a great day! Love ya Care!!

Chapman Family said...

You guys have one adorable baby!! Look at those big blue eyes and that cute suit with all the blows!! So CUTE!!