Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I guess it's about time for us to update! We haven't had the cord to our camera all summer so I've just been lazy about it. For those who don't know we are currently living in Austin, Texas. It's been a fun and different experience for us. I think the biggest shock for me was the absence on tumble weeds and open deserts. Austin is extremely green with really dense forests and beautiful farm lands. It rains a ton down here at least twice a week it seems. I never knew what a flash flood really was until I experienced one down here. It really comes down in literal sheets of rain. On days when it's not raining it is over ninety degrees and really humid.
Tayler is really growing up. She walks now and is really good on her feet, sometimes she thinks she can run though and tends to fall on her face when she gets too excited. She has taken up screaming to get everything she wants (especially in church) and thinks it's really fun to take off her pants and run around in her diaper. She has mama and dada down pat now but tends to only say mama when she's mad or crying for help, she's also said duck an few times when we are looking at her animal books. She doesn't like mom to hold the books anymore and roves through books by herself upside down and backwards pointing to all the different animals and things, while I say the names and sounds of each. Her first birthday is a week from today. I can't believe how fast it's gone.
I'm keeping busy taking care of Tayler, occasionally doing collections for Jared, making head bands and selling them on ebay (they are super cute, I'll have to post a picture of a few of them sometime.( We go and have play dates with a lot of the kids in the ward either at parks or at the pool. There are SO many Moms with kids Tayler's age, it's been great! We go to the library, malls, and other interesting places to figure out Austin and get a change on our plate. I've been doing a TON of reading lately too. If any of you girls are looking for a really fun read there is a series, the first book is called twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I couldn't put this series down. I am really looking forward to her third book coming out in August, and of course the Harry Potter final book. Other that that I think that Loren loves that I am now home at night for one reason mostly... a home cooked meal:) .
Loren is doing AMAZING this year, he has sold anywhere from 20-30 new accounts every week. It is now pretty normal for him to come home with 5-8 sales every night. It's really been a blessing to us. Of course he's already trunky for home and hates the job, but he's still truckin along, ahhh the lives of pest control.
I've decided that wherever we are next spring, I'll be coaching track. It's too soon for me to give it up. I love coaching and will probably be doing it for the rest of my life in some realm be it basketball, soccer or track.
Well, that's our boring update! Don't forget whose birthday it is this Sunday June 24th! Ha ha! Have a wonderful week everyone!


Hansen family said...

So good to hear about your lives! It only takes a couple of months for kids to change and Tayler is growing up! L & C loved seeing these pictures of her. What a cute gal. You would do well coaching, that sounds fun. Hey, be watching your mail, we remembered June 24 and 27th! Have a great week! We love and miss you all-

jeffbittonfam said...

Hey Carrie! It is good to finally hear from you! I am glad you are doing so well! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun down there. We sure miss you up here. Keep in touch! Love you!

linzy said...

Hey Missy! It's about time I heard from you. I didn't know whether to email you cuz I didn't know if you checked it or not yet. So another one on the way?? :) Tayler is so dang cute! She has really thinned out! Are you guys going back to Logan in the Fall? I wish we lived closer, we could be stay-at-home mommies together! :) Everything here is going great. Dusty is loving his job. He has pretty much the month of July off. So we will be partying! Hopefully next year we will be able to go on a vacation! Prety long comment, eh?! CUTE FAMILY!!!! :) :)