Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breaking Point

Has anyone seen that cartoon back in the day, where Goofy was the nicest guy in the whole town, the "wouldn't step on a bug" type person, but as soon as he got behind the wheel he turned into this crazy dude with total road rage?

Well... apparently I have the same problem except it happens when I step onto a basketball court. We played against a team last week in City League and I got super angry at this girl ref who handed me three fouls in the first five minutes and totally ruined the game for me. But don't worry, I threw the ball at her a little harder than I should have, and told her she was the worst ref I had EVER had. Why she didn't give me a technical I will never know... Oh wait, I already had five fouls.

It really takes A LOT to rile me up it seems, but bad reffing def. does it to me. So what is the one thing that irks you? Or am I the only one who really needs to tone it down a bit?

(For my Mother... yes I did repent and told her I was sorry after the game.)


Grant and Shelley Patterson said...

I love your comment for your mom. :)
I honestly think we all have things that turn us into someone else. Don't worry about it.

Ammon & Ali said...

HAHA! I believe it. I played city league with you. I think there were a couple times I thought I might have to break something up. It's more fun that way right? :) Wish I could still play city league with you. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, recognition is the first step to change! :-) We each have some things that bring out the human side in us, for sure! We need a schedule of you and Loren's games so we can come and keep you two under control! haha

Shauna "mom" Yost

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Anonymous said...

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