Sunday, August 09, 2009

Journal Entry 8/10/19

I am tired of arguing with people who are uneducated.
I am tired of people who sit on the fence.
I am tired of people who don't care enough.
I am tired of people voting for someone they know little about.
I am tired of apathy.
I am tired of being accused of being an "extremist" because of something I believe in.
I am tired of not being able to voice my opinion because of the fear of what people will think.

I DO NOT CARE if you are right winged, left winged, liberal, or conservative. I care that you CARE. The average American sits in front of the T.V. for 4-5 hours a day. Passively we sit by and watch soap operas, reality t.v. and sports while Congress writes and passes bills that affect us in countless ways. Enough with laziness. Enough with passiveness. Enough with carelessness. It is time voice your belief. Voice your opinion. There is too much relying on our ineffectiveness. Start learning about the issues that will affect you. Start standing up for what you believe. Get involved in this great nation that is America. We have it because we DO have a voice. The right of free speech is one of the greatest gifts we have but we cannot sit here hoping everyone else will say the things we need to say. Please. As I see my children sleeping right now, I feel immense pressure to help continue on with a nation that was founded on principles that I firmly believe in. I cannot resign myself to indifference. Too many are already doing that.

I live in tiny town almost in the middle of nowhere. No one would care whether or not I said anything. I am not rich, I am not poor. I'm a mom who cares deeply about this country and the kind of place I'm going to leave for my kids someday. However, I don't want to leave this life without fighting for the team I am on. I refuse to be the fence sitter. With every new issue, I educate myself and the pick the team to fight for. Please pick your team and fight for it. It's time the good, honest, and hardworking people of this land educate themselves and fight for what they believe is right. For too long issues have been handled by men and women who do not share my beliefs. I'm taking a stand, please take yours.

Carrie Yost
The "average" American.


Utah Valley Sports Network said...

great entry Carrie

Kristy said...

Well, said. I agree. Thanks for inspiring me to do and be better. I love our country too and it is scary to think our freedoms could change or be taken away if we just sit on the fence and expect others to take a stand. the "average" Americans need to do better, myself included.