Friday, February 27, 2009

I guess it's about time! We have been crazy busy around here and it doesn't look like it is going to let up anytime soon!  We are officially moved and are so grateful for the extra space!  The Tolmans have to be some of the most Christian people I've ever met, there is no way I would let someone live in my house, use my stuff, and let little kids live there!  They really live the law of consecration I guess.  Anyway, here are a few picture to update you on the goings on of the last month or so... 

Tayler and her beaters, this kid loves cookie dough!
Tayler likes Parker to look like a girl apparently.
Loren not too enthused I am taking this picture, but here is the Bow Flex we bought from Jeff and Kayci, we love it guys!
We had to get our blood drawn for life insurance and Loren asked if he could lie down.  It was hysterical, last time he passed out, apparently he doesn't like needles :).
I put Parker in a laundry basket with toys sometimes while I'm in the kitchen, Tayler soon felt left out so she ran down stairs and got her basket out of her room and sat next to him!
It's Oatmeal and he loves it!
I bought a new package of socks and came down to this, Tayler had opened it up and put every pair on her feet!
Cute as a button!
First pic of me and Loren alone in a long time! This was on our fantastic Valentines day date, we had a blast and Loren planned every bit of it!
Love this picture...
Taylers first experience with bubble bath, I don't like it because she has to take a shower after she's done bathing!
Kind of a last get together before Terry Annie left on her mission, we went and saw Mall Cop here.  Dumbest movie ever.
Tayler LOVED her gnocchi, she literally asked for four servings!! We made it with alfredo and spinich and it turned out delish! Nikolina and Lans, thanks for introducing us!
First ride of the season, we're ready for Spring!


Kristy said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE kiddos! I love the one with all the socks, aren't little kids so funny!

SHAY said...

Love all the pics!
I really hope to be able to see you guys soon!

The Grows said...

I love looking at your cute little family. It is so fun to watch them grow up!

landon said...

Thanks for all the pics! So fun to see the kids growing up, and to see the pics of you two, too, especially the one of Loren loving the Bowflex.

Ammon & Ali said...

Fun pictures! It's good to see some updates! So are you guys renting until your house gets done? I guess I need to give you a call so we can catch up. I hope you are doing well!

Erica Bazil said...

I love all the cheeser pix from your kiddos (in particular the laundry basket one). What a cute family.

Mikelle said...

Hey I'm going private due to some creepy comment I got so if you want in email me

Anonymous said...

What adorable grandchildren I have! It's still is a warm, wonderful feeling everytime I think of your family here in Bancroft instead of so far away.

I love to see Tayler and Parker smiling. They look so carefree. Loren, you gotta smile when you exercise! I've heard it helps build muscle at a faster rate!!! :-)
mom/grandma yost