Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Snitch...

So much for the surprise factor of Christmas. Last night after Tayler went to bed I wrapped the kids gifts up and put them under the Christmas Tree. I asked Loren if I should put them in the closet or leave them under the tree. He replied that was half the fun is seeing them under the tree. This morning Tayler woke up and I put on a cartoon for her while I fed Parker a bottle in my room. A few minutes later I heard some electronic device I hadn't heard before and I went out and almost all of the gifts were unwrapped and she was playing with the Little Einsteins laptop computer I got her! Two of Parkers toys had been taken OUT of their packages. I was so mad! We gave him his Santa gift early so he could get the most use out of it (a jumper with a bunch of toys around it) so he won't have much to open on Christmas day! Oh well... Tayler on the other hand has been asking for the laptop all day, at least I know she likes it! At least she didn't tear into the little doll house from Santa! We learned our lesson for the future... presents come out Christmas Morning!


SHAY said...

Oh no!
What a lil stink!!

Our Team said...

I told Steve what happened with the presents and we laughed pretty hard, but we can do that because we don't have children of our own. Glad she likes the computer :)
We received your Christmas Letter and family picture, we loved it, thank you so much

We miss you
Carol and Steve

P.S. Glad you are feeling better

linzy said...

Of course she would open them! Remember all that she did within 24 hours that one time!! :) I didn't get a Christmas letter. I will email you my mom's address... if you have any left, we'd love one!

Anonymous said...

She must be like her Grandma....just can't wait to open a gift when I get one! I went snooping as a child and then re-wrapped a few, I'm sorry to report.

Grandma Y