Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Election!

Oh so true .... ;)


SHAY said...

Are those "lazy" kids those with broken legs who are confined to wheel chairs?! :)

Our Team - Steven and Carol said...

this is perfect....Steve and I loved it

landon said...

Well, since this blog's getting political... :) ... here's
another picture. :)

There's a man who lives here in the Silicon Valley called Larry Ellison. He's the CEO of Oracle. I can spy his gargantuan Woodside estate as I go to mountain bike after a day of classes. Last year he made $96,000 AN HOUR (and that's just his compensation from the company for putting in his forty hours a week). Contrast that to the "lazy" privates serving in Iraq right now making less than $18,000 a year, or to the "lazy" single mother working two jobs who still can't afford health care.

McCain wants to give Larry a 4.4% tax break, while giving the Army private and single mother a mere .2% break. Obama: tax Larry 11.5% more while giving those at the bottom a 5.5% break (and affordable health care and college education to boot).

But Larry worked so hard for his money!! Maybe, but then when did he find time to enjoy his $200 million yacht, fleet of exotic cars, private jet, 12 properties in Malibu, etc. etc.?

Happy Election!

lissiemarie said...

soooo funny! how are you Carrie!!! this is Lissie (liz)