Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tayler's Cuddle Buddies

Within the past month, Tayler decided she would not sleep without her Bear... then came the puppy, then Elmo, and now two nights ago she added her "yabbit" to the crew sleeping in her bed. Every night I try to get away with just putting one by her side, but to no avail. Whichever ones she's missing she yells at the top of her lungs until I bring them to her.

The other problem we encountered yesterday is that Tayler figured out that if she reached up as high as she can on her tippy toes, she can now reach the light switch. I was getting so frustrated by 9:45 (I had put her down at 8) that finally I went in and sang to her for 25 minutes until she finally fell asleep. If there is any light in the room, it means it is time to be up and playing. She doesn't cry at being in her room by herself, so she will just look at her books for hours before I even knew she was still awake! I think we are going to have to cut some nap time so she is actually sleepy when she goes to bed!


Jeff & Kayci Bitton said...

Oh no! I am glad grace can't get the lights yet. But I figure she will be doing to same thing... What can you do so they can't turn the light on?? Tape it? :)

Chapman Family said...

Hey, I tagged you. Come check out my blog and you will know what I'm talking about.

Chapman Family said...

Ok, sorry I got another tag and I don't have that many blogging friends so here ya go. You got the movie survey tag. Don't hate me forever. LOL!