Saturday, April 26, 2008

My friend gave me a fun idea of writing 100 things about myself… Thought it might be fun to let people know what makes me tick. If you get bored, go ahead and stop reading for a few minutes and then come back:).

  1. My middle name is Mae, along with my grandma, my mom, and now my daughter.
  2. I am tall, but don’t actually feel that tall till someone points it out.
  3. I feel like I am a terrible listener most of the time… I try too hard to fix problems instead of just listening.
  4. I want 6-8 kids eventually.
  5. I would like to be a foster parent someday if it worked out.
  6. I crave good books and learning, but rarely make time for it anymore.
  7. I would LOVE to be able to sew, but don’t want to take the time to learn. (sad I know)
  8. My 7 brothers and sisters are my best friends, along with each of the spouses.
  9. Aside of my own little family, I would rather spend time with my mom more than anyone else in the world.
  10. I am a very hard worker when it comes to things I feel are important. I can’t stand the slackers on my team and today told one to leave and go home.
  11. I’m really good at one-liners that make people laugh, however I have a tendency not to think about what I am going to say first so it is sometimes inappropriate…oops.
  12. I hate watching sports most of the time… I want to be involved in them.
  13. I have had long hair my entire life until the past 3 months.
  14. The one place in my house that is always a mess is my closet, I don’t know why, probably because my new closet is 2x smaller than my last one AND I have to share it with Loren now.
  15. I hate to cook, clean, and do normal wifely duties, but do them so I have a happy hubby and that usually makes it worth it.
  16. The household job I hate the worst is cleaning blinds.
  17. I am planting my first garden this year!
  18. I love pastries but could live without candy.
  19. I really think I would be ok as a vegetarian.
  20. I was Utah State Athletics NCAA Leadership representative in 2004 and went to a week long conference in Florida.
  21. I tend to be a bit proud, usually my family gets most of my brag stories.
  22. I have been reading the Book of Mormon along with the manual… I am TOTALLY shocked the things I never would have gotten out of it without it.
  23. My husband Loren was my very first and last kiss!
  24. The sound I love most in the world is when I get Tayler into big fit of laughter.
  25. I am really inconsistent about writing in my journal, but keep a great quote journal of things that inspire me.
  26. I have become a big time homebody since I married Loren.
  27. I am incredibly grateful that I married Loren, he keeps me grounded and I’m not as high strung these days.
  28. I make a lot of lists, but rarely stick to them.
  29. I am very easy to please.
  30. I love to see my runners hurting at the end of practice… (nauseous and out of breath… it means they worked hard).
  31. I was South East Idaho’s Athelete of the Year my Senior Year.
  32. I made the first state team in Soccer, Track and Basketball my Senior year.
  33. I never won a college heptathlon in all 5 years… there was always one girl better than me, or I couldn’t pull one good one together!
  35. The calling I dread is being a primary teacher and the Lord knows it… so I am a primary teacher for the third time right now:).
  36. I love to write, but never take time to do it.
  37. I have some of the greatest neighbors right now.
  38. I love marshmallows that have sat out for a few days (like easter peeps!) Weird I know, but I like them really chewy!
  39. I love campfires.
  40. I actually like cutting the grass, but my hubby will never let me do it now because he has a riding lawnmower that he loves to get on.
  41. Favorite color has changed several times, presently it is green.
  42. I thought for years that a remote control was called a “la mokla troll.”
  43. I was about as unpopular and awkward as you can get in middle school.
  44. My highest scoring basketball game was 36 points at the district championship my senior year.
  45. I also scored 36 goals my senior year of soccer.
  46. I love Jack Johnson and Michael Buble more than any other artists.
  47. I won six state championships in high school track.
  48. I would have served a mission had I not married at 19J… I hope to serve several when I am older.
  49. I had to retake 2 classes in college because of the semester I was engaged to Loren:).
  50. I had a 3.7 GPA my last two years of college.
  51. I once thought I was being kidnapped, come to find out it was just one of my neighbors being nice and offering me a ride to school:).
  52. I can on occasion blow things out of proportion.
  53. I tend to exaggerate numbers when I am telling a story that doesn’t really matter if the numbers add up.
  54. I get sick several times every winter.
  55. I hate taking prenatal vitamins.
  56. I make my bed everyday which is a major change from those who knew me growing up.
  57. I love to make goodies for other people and take them around the neighborhood. Loren wishes I would just keep them at the house.
  58. I was horrible at Algebra in high school but got really good at it in college… amazing what a good teacher can do.
  59. I secretly dream that I could be on American Idol, but know it will never happen.
  60. I hate fast food.
  61. My best friend tells me that I was the most self righteous person she ever knew in grade school :)
  62. I was a pathological liar when I was little.
  63. I sometimes expect more out of people than I should. It leads me to a lot of disappointments I think.
  64. I hold my Mother on a pedestal and she hates it.
  65. I am an open book, if you want to know what I think… I will tell you. I get it from my Dad.
  66. I actually like to speak in Sacrament meeting.
  67. I am really anal about small things sometimes, like forcing my husband to keep his church clothes on till bed time:).
  68. I don’t like face cards.
  69. I am terrible at chess and checkers.
  70. I was Cinderella in my sixth grade play.
  71. I love to play the piano, but am not that good.
  72. I was the “Instrumentalist of the Year” as a freshman in the Band (I played the clarinet)… I then quit a year later to join the Mar Vals.
  73. In ten years of track I never once fell over a hurdle… I biffed it over the finish line once though because I didn’t pick my foot up high enough.
  74. I had a benign tumor in my neck in 8th grade.
  75. I got my tonsils out when I was three.
  76. I don’t have hardly any memories before the age of 5 or 6.
  77. I love a good nap.
  78. I wish I felt comfortable wearing heals… however, they make me taller than every man in the room.
  79. I would probably NEVER get dressed up if it wasn’t for the fact that my husband likes it and for church on Sunday, jeans and a sweatshirt is where I feel the most comfortable.
  80. I sing really loud in my car when I am by myself:).
  81. I LOVE surprises.
  82. I really want to like scrapbooking, but I don’t. I do however like the end result.
  83. I would eat breakfast food for every meal if I could.
  84. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries.
  85. I drink tons of milk.
  86. I am not a good dancer, but wish I was.
  87. I hate to be cold, I am always in a hot shower or on a heater vent with a blanket over me when I feel the slightest chill.
  88. I have had the same best friend since 1st grade… she has always been mine, but sometimes I wasn’t hers I guess!
  89. I always drive 5 mph over the speed limit.
  90. I now drive a van and hate it.
  91. I am wasteful sometimes, especially when it comes to food and clothing. I throw away and DI tons of stuff.
  92. My husband sells drugs.
  93. I LOVE BEING A MOM, except when she poops:)!
  94. I never have really loved track, it’s just where the money was.
  95. I’ve always thought I would be a good teacher.
  96. I let my daughter lick an onion yesterday just to see her face:).
  97. I wore my socks inside out up until 10th grade just because I was too lazy to turn it the right side out. Sad I know.
  98. I get bugged when people misspell words, but I do it all the time.
  99. I love to weight lift and could powerclean and squat more than almost every girl at USU my Junior and Senior year.

100. Wow you’re still here? Thanks for reading!

Alright, Kayci, Angela, and Tanya... your turn!


tanya said...

Carrie- FUN, I learned a few things about you! Glad you posted it!

Jeff & Kayci Bitton said...

I agree with Tanya!:) Thanks for the tag...I think. It will probably be a while but i'll do it!:)

linzy said...

I especially loved 92 and 96!! You are awesome Carrie!