Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

It seems like we have had Valentines day all week getting packages in the mail, cards and such! Last night I made Loren a steak and shrimp dinner to celebrate (as he has a ball game tonight). Today when I came into the kitchen there was a box of chocolates and a beautiful bouquet of Roses from an actual florist!! They are gorgeous! I know Loren thinks flowers are a total waste of money, but I loved them and was grateful he had thought of me. Here are a few pics of Tayler getting a Package from Grandma Bitton and she's wearing the sweater Grandma Yost got her. We were sure spoiled and felt very loved on Valentines this year!

For those who might be interested, here is a funny video Tayler loving her balloon!

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linzy said...

That video was soo cute! She is so cute!! I can't wait to see her in person!!