Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're HERE! What a crazy week it has been, but we are finally here and getting settled in. I do wonder how long it will be until this place really feels like "home." Maybe once the 100 boxes are gone?

Yesterday morning I kinda had this gloomy feeling like, what if I don't really get along with anyone here, or what if we moved into a bad neighborhood? Well my fears were alleviated somewhat when we got a knock on the door last night. Loren came downstairs to get me saying, "Carrie, one of Jared's, (my brother) friends is upstairs." I walked upstairs and there was Ryan Shaw and his wife Anna! They live just a few houses down from us and I remember him coming down to McCammon several times when I was younger. Jared still gets together with him every year to attend the BYU vs. UNLV game! It was so funny! Immediately I felt more at ease with this place as they described the ward and how much they loved it, that our neighbors were all good people etc... we even got good references for doctors in the area. :)

Other news... Tayler Mae slept in a big girl bed last night for the first time and didn't even get out once!!! I was so glad she was good about it! What an easy child I've had so far.

I guess I can announce on here now that Loren and I are in our second trimester now. We were a little more cautious telling people about this pregnancy, but things seem to be going great and we are happy to be welcoming another little one into this world. I only have experienced morning sickness at night this go around... maybe indicative of a boy??:):) I am almost completely done vomiting thought and am grateful for that... just once last week!

Sorry, still no pictures... we have yet to unpack batteries, although we do have the camera! Hopefully next post will have tons of pics!


Hansen family said...

So nice to have good neighbors! Hope you're all settling in and enjoying the newness of your home and area. Hooray for feeling good Carrie, I'm glad for you! We love you all!

tanya said...

Carrie- could you post your address or better yet just email me it? Thanks so much!

GRaSSE said...

Carrie! Congrats on the home, the pregnancy... I'm so happy for you guys!!
-your cous

linzy said...

Yeah!! I am so glad. Good neighbors are really important!! :) Can't wait to see you!

Kayci Bitton said...

Carrie! Your post brought happy tears to my eyes! I am excited for you and your baby! Congrats on Tayler...isn't it NICE??? :) We sure love you and hope we can see you guys soon!! Good luck in your new neighborhood and ward.