Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Licorice Face! Tayler went balistic with a piece of licorice I gave her. I don't think any went into her tummy, just on the outside of it! I should have realized what a mess it would make, but hey we had a good time! Sorry I didn't end up posting that video, it wouldn't upload for some reason. If you want to see it, type in "mobile munchkin" on google video. Hope everyone had a wonderful valentines. I sure did!


jeffbittonfam said...

ok...she is one big mess! :) Isn't it fun being a mom?? You should up date this more often, I love reading them! :) Are you guys going to be at mom's this weekend? We are. Hope to see you then! Love ya Carrie!

Chapman Family said...

That is so adorable!! She sure is a big mess. . .but that is a huge smile too!!! You guys are to cute!